What Is My Purpose?


I’ve been reading and devouring blogs religiously since last summer. A few of my favorites are: Teaching the Core, Love Teach, The Nerdy Teacher, Free Tech for Teachers, and anything of Jim Burke’s and Kelly Gallagher’s. There are obviously plenty more blogs out there that you could read, and I’m sure I’ll “discover” more along the way, but these were the first ones that I found, or, you could say, the ones that found me.

Anywho, as I was thinking about doing my own blog I began to wonder what my blog would be about. I began thinking of the many blogs that I’ve read so far, and the variety of topics and genres and styles that are out there, even the ones listed above are so very different in nature.

So, what’s my purpose?

I think I’ve been thinking about this for too long and too hard. And I think that is why it’s taken me soooooo long to pull the trigger and start a blog. You either poo or get off the pot, amirite?!

I quoted Keating from Dead Poets Society yesterday, but I believe that in that quote my purpose for this blog is found. We are living in this thing called life, “the powerful play”, and we all have a “verse” to contribute. Now, whether we are intentionally writing our verse, or letting it be written for us, is totally and completely up to us. There’s my purpose in writing this teaching blog; I want to actively and purposefully contribute my voice and style and (what little) wit and wisdom I have.

“When will the teaching part of this blog actually happen?” you might be asking. Fear not my Padowans (and remember, fear leads to anger leads to hatred leads to becoming Darth Vader), The Teaching Jedi is coming, I promise. Think of these first couple posts as an epilogue to a larger, greater narrative.

Be good my friends, and may the force be with you,



3 thoughts on “What Is My Purpose?

  1. I’m a lurker on the Better, Saner Edu-Bloggers Group, and I was hoping to stumble upon other teacher blogs I enjoyed–so thanks for A) beginning your blog and B) posting some of your favorite, established ones. 🙂


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