Building a Foundation for Tech in the Classroom

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot these past couple of days, and building off of my last post about War Games, I’ve decided to begin writing about, planning to use, and then actually using the resources our district has made available in the form of GAFE.

Now, some might say that I’m really late to the party on this one, and I will have to say, yes, yes I am. But like most parties (I really haven’t been to one in a while. My idea of a party includes some good food and a nap, but I digress…) it’s usually better late than never. And I’m actually really excited about being able to dig into and use Google’s suite (sweet) of education apps. We used Docs and Slides and Gmail and Drive quite a bit last year, or at least towards the end of last year. While it was effective for what we did, I can’t say that I/we really maximized them to their fullest because I never dove into them and embraced them like I could/should have. This year, as a way to force myself to use these “new” tools, I intend to do my best to stay away from all things Microsoft (so far so good) and go exclusively with Google. You know I’m serious when I tell you that I don’t even have Microsoft shortcut on my dock/task bar, see…


I’ve already converted most of my important files over to Google Docs. Obviously there were some formatting and font issues, but I was able to work through those pretty quickly. But Docs aside, what I’m really looking forward to is using Google Classroom this year. However, as much as I’ve read about it, and watched tutorials about it, I can say for sure that I will have no idea how it will actually work in my class with my students until I’m actually in the thick of it. I have my classes set up already (as of today, our schedule hasn’t been finalized, so I’ll adjust periods and class names accordingly), and I have a video shared on the timeline waiting for the students when they sign up.

There is so much that can be done using Classroom and I look forward to exploring the different options available and seeing how Classroom can impact my teaching, grading, and the student’s interaction, cooperation, engagement, and collaboration. I will definitely be updating you as I work further with GAFE and as the school year progresses.

Until next time my friends…

May the force be with you,



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